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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Oklahoma Registry Certificate of Achievement and Stipend Program?

Funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Care Services, the Oklahoma Registry Certificate of Achievement and Stipend Program is for providers who work in licensed childcare facilities. The stipend program is a collaborative effort to validate the achievement and expertise of providers and serve as a symbol of professional accomplishment.

The Stipend Program is designed to:

  • Recognize and reward the specialized professional development achievement of providers
  • Encourage teachers and directors to obtain additional focused formal professional development to improve the quality of care for children, and
  • Increase positive outcomes experienced by children.

What is a Certificate of Achievement?

An Oklahoma Registry Certificate of Achievement is a certificate that practitioners can receive to recognize the specialized professional development of providers. The following Certificates of Achievement are available:

  • Oklahoma Right Start Infant/Toddler Certificate of Achievement
  • Oklahoma Registry Preschool Certificate of Achievement
  • Oklahoma Registry School-Age Certificate of Achievement
  • Oklahoma Registry Childhood Resiliency Certificate of Achievement
  • Oklahoma Registry Quality Child Care Certificate of Achievement
  • Oklahoma Registry Better Business in Family Child Care Certificate of Achievement
  • Oklahoma Registry Healthy Children in Child Care Certificate of Achievement
  • Oklahoma Registry Creating Effective Literacy Environments Certificate of Achievement
  • Oklahoma Registry Cultivating Growth & Well Being Certificate of Achievement

What is a stipend?

A stipend under the Oklahoma Registry Certificate of Achievement and Stipend Program is a stipend that is paid directly to the qualifying early care and education professional and can be spent as he/she chooses.

Can I get a stipend for each of concentration?

Yes. However, you can only receive one stipend per area of concentration (Infant/Toddler Care, Preschool Care, School-Age Care, Childhood Resiliency, Quality Child Care, Better Business in Family Child Care, Healthy Children in Child Care, Creating Effective Literacy Environments, and Cultivating Growth & Well Being).

Can I apply for two (2) Certificates of Achievement and Stipends in the same year?

Yes. Effective 8/1/2020, you can apply for 2 stipends in a calendar year. However, if you apply for a second type of Certificate of Achievement, we will look for 30 hours of approved training courses taken in the 12 months prior to your application received date.

Can I apply for more than one Certificate of Achievement and Stipend at the same time or on the same application?

No. You can only have one application open at a time. Once your current application has been processed, you can apply for your next Certificate and Stipend.  

Does my director have to fill out the initial employment verification?

No. Applications received on or after 8/1/2020, will not require the director to complete the initial employment verification. You must complete the initial employment verification and physically sign/date it. I would also like to ask you to pleasesubmit a copy of your most recent pay stub to verify your employment.*

What if I own my facility and I don't have a pay stub?

If you own your facility, no pay documentation is required. If you are not an Owner and do not receive a pay stub, please contact for assistance. 

Do I have to accept childcare subsidy to qualify for a stipend?

No. Effective 8/1/2020, we will not require subsidy. Your facility must be Two Star or higher to qualify.

Does my facility have to participate in Stars?

Yes. Your facility must be a Two Star, Three Star, Four Star, or Five Star facility.

Is it possible to receive a Certificate of Achievement and not be approved for the stipend?

Yes. A participant may meet the program's educational requirements but not all the additional requirements to receive a stipend. 

**If you have received a stipend for your CDA through the Scholars for Excellence in Child Care, you cannot use your CDA to qualify for the Oklahoma Registry stipend. You will only be able to qualify by using 30 clock hours of training in that specific Area of Concentration.

I have submitted my application; what happens now?

The application process is a multi-step process.

Step 1 - Review of personal information

Step 2 - Review of education/training to meet the Education Requirements

Step 3 - Final review. You'll receive an email to the email address associated with your account to let you know if you've been approved, denied or if we need additional information.

I received an email about direct deposit, is this required?

An email from will be sent out quarterly to anyone not already enrolled to be paid electronically. The subject will be “State of Oklahoma Vendor Banking Registration”. This email contains the steps to set up Direct Deposit for your Stipend check. You must follow the required steps and submit the “Vendor EFT Enrollment Request Form 2016” to your bank for processing. This form is not submitted to CECPD. If you do not sign up, a paper check will be mailed to you.

   *If you do not receive this email and wish to set up direct deposit, you can email us at, and we will request contact you to begin the process. 

I work with a specific age group (Infants/Toddlers, Preschool, School-Age). Can I apply for a Certificate of Achievement in a different area of concentration?

Yes, you may apply of any of the Certificates of Achievement. Each Certificate of Achievement is awarded with 30 hours of specific approved training or qualifying CDA in that specific area (Infant/Toddler or Preschool).

Note: You must work at least 30 hours a week in the classroom with children as a Teacher or 30 hours per week at the facility as Assistant Director/Director and have been doing so a full 6 months prior to your application.

Can I reapply for a stipend after I received the Certificate of Achievement (but was denied a stipend the first time)?

Yes, as long as no more than 2 years have passed since your Certificate of Achievement was awarded and you have not been paid a stipend in this particular area in the past.

How is the six-month employment verified?

The six-month employment in a licensed facility is verified when a participant applies to the program and sends a copy of an Initial Employment Verification form and their most recent pay stub.

What happens if I leave my facility before my application has been approved?

You must have worked a continual 6 months immediately prior to your application and be currently working in that facility at the time we review your application for approval. If you are not, you will need to work for 6 months at your new facility before re-applying.

What type of financial reward can early care and education professionals receive?

Participants may be eligible for a $600 stipend if all criteria are met. Criteria can be found by clicking here. You can only receive one stipend per area of concentration (Infant/Toddler Care, Preschool Care, School-Age Care, Quality Child Care, Childhood Resiliency, Better Business in Family Child Care, Healthy Children in Child Care, Creating Effective Literacy Environments, and Cultivating Growth & Well Being). You can receive two stipends in a calendar year (January to December).

Is an Active account on the Oklahoma Professional Development Registry (OPDR) required to participate in the stipend program?

Yes. If a participant does not already have an OPDR account, he/she can visit to register. There is no cost to create an account.

How are stipends received?

All payments are contingent upon funding availability. Directors, teachers, and family child care practitioners who meet the requirements for the Oklahoma Registry Certificate of Achievement and Stipend Program will receive a stipend check four (4) to six (6) weeks after approval and submission of all necessary documents.

Am I required to pay taxes on my stipend(s)?

Yes. The stipend is income; therefore, participants on the Oklahoma Registry Certificate of Achievement and Stipend Program will receive an IRS-1099 form at the end of the year. For this reason, a current Individual Supplier Registration (ISR) form must be on file before a payment can be issued.

How do I fill out an Individual Supplier Registration (ISR) form?

Follow the steps below so that we can process your ISR form as quickly as possible.

  • Supplier Information - Write your name, SSN, and the address you want your check mailed to.
  • Type of Payee - Participant has been pre-selected for you.
  • Question 1: Are you related to a current OU or OUHSC Employee? If yes, you must provide a name and relationship.
  • Question 2: If you answer yes, you must provide a retirement or termination date.
  • Direct Deposit: If you select yes that you would like to sign up for direct deposit, you must provide an email address.
  • Residency Status: Please select only ONE Residency Status. Physically sign and currently date the form.

Mail, email or fax your completed ISR form to:

Attn: Oklahoma Registry Stipend Program
1801 N. Moore Avenue
Moore, OK 73160

Fax: 405-799-7634

What if I have taken leave in the past 6 months (including time off for summer break)?

If leave time over 2 weeks was taken in the past 6 months, the participant will be required to make up that time before the application can be approved. It is required that the participant be employed a continual 6 months in a licensed childcare facility prior to the date of application.

How long will this stipend program be available?

The program will continue as long as funding is available.

How long do I have to complete my training for a Certificate of Achievement?

When you have taken 30 clock hours of training in the OPDR approved Infant/Toddler, Preschool, School-Age, Childhood Resiliency, Quality Child Care, Better Business in Family Child Care, Healthy Children in Child Care Area of Concentration, Creating Effective Literacy Environment, and Cultivating Growth & Well Being you can apply. All training must appear as verified training on your OPDR account. You do not need to send copies of certificates. 

A current Infant/Toddler, Preschool or FCCH CDA can only be used to meet the educational requirements for the Infant/Toddler or Preschool Area of Concentration.

Can I use my CDA Credential for more than one stipend?

No. Each individual CDA can only be counted once.

I have two different CDA Credentials. Can I use each one to meet the requirements for 2 different Certificates of Achievement?

Yes. For example: If you have a current Infant/Toddler CDA and a current Preschool CDA, you would qualify for the Infant/Toddler and the Preschool Certificates of Achievement.

How far back do you look for training to count?

  • The first time you apply for a Certificate of Achievement using training hours, we will look for 30 hours of approved training courses in the past 5 years from your application received date.
  • If you apply for any subsequent Certificates of Achievement, we will look for 30 hours of approved training courses taken in the 12 months prior to your application received date.

Where can I find approved training?

Click here for help locating approved trainings for each Certificate of Achievement. Approved training can be found on the Oklahoma Statewide Training Calendar at

Are there stipends available for college coursework?

For more information regarding additional stipends for college coursework please contact the  Scholars for Excellence in Child Care.

Can I qualify for the stipend if I was suspended from the Oklahoma Registry in the past?

Yes. If you have ever been suspended from the Oklahoma Registry, you may be eligible to apply. Please see the Fraud Policy for information.

Can my employer contact CECPD to make inquiries on my behalf?

Yes, most information can be shared with your Employer. The exception to this is anything payment related. We will not share payment-related information with anyone besides the participant.



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