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Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) Online:

This program is offered by OSU-OKC in partnership with CECPD.
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Creating a Positive Social Emotional Climate In Infant/Toddler Rooms  ** 3 Clock Hours, 0.3 CEUs - Formal Training $20

This course will help providers understand that when they develop a positive social and emotional climate in the care setting and provide a nurturing relationship with young children, the young child feels more secure in the environment and more likely to feel comfortable learning and growing. Such relationships are likely to lead to a more emotionally secure and independent child, which will foster success in school.

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Guidance Matters: Challenging Behaviors and the Role of the Preschool Teacher ** 4 Clock Hours, 0.4 CEUs - Formal Training $20

This course will introduce providers to the Positive Behavior Support, or PBS, as a means to understand and address a child’s persistent challenging behavior.

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Homelessness and Young Children: Education and Services  ** 3 Clock Hours, 0.3 CEUs - Formal Training $20

This course is for administrators of early childhood centers. It will provide them with information and best practices to facilitate collaboration between child care programs and community organizations to increase the provision of services to families with young children experiencing homelessness.

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Addressing Challenging Behaviors Online ** 14 Clock Hours, 1.4 CEUs - Formal Training $45

Challenging behavior is one of the biggest issues early childhood educators face every day. Most often these behaviors are caused by challenges presented by the social and physical environment, yet often the approach is to "fix" the child rather than "fix" the factors that contribute to the behavior. This Turn-Key training program will provide the knowledge base and practical strategies teachers need to strive to minimize challenging behavior in the classroom.

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Cornerstones of Quality: Safety, Health, and Nutrition Online ** 3 Clock Hours, 0.3 CEUs - Formal Training $20

This course will focus on how to create an environment that will keep infants and children safe and healthy in child care. Information is in aligned with new licensing requirements.

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Homelessness and Young Children: Dealing with Trauma ** 3 Clock Hours, 0.3 CEUs - Formal Training $20

This course will help participants to define homelessness according to the McKinney-Vento definition and to discover how being homeless affects the child's health and development. Participants will also be provided guidance strategies to support young children experiencing homelessness.

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Building Positive Relationships in School-age Classrooms Online ** 3 Clock Hours, 0.3 CEUs - Formal Training $20

This course will show participants how to create a caring classroom community where children feel supported, safe, included and known in their school-age classrooms. School-age classrooms need to be active, engaging places where instruction centers on student thinking and where students are able to take risks and jump into learning at hand. The focus will be on showing participants how to provide rich opportunities to work together, grow ideas, revise children's thinking and construct meaning.

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E-3 Dimensions of Quality Online ** 5 Clock Hours, 0.5 CEU's - Formal Training $30

Take a look at this snapshot of the 2015 Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Third Edition (ECERS-3) Conference.  This course includes the video recordings during the main presentation and all four break out sessions.  This course is designed for students wanting to learn more about the new E-3 scale.

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Entry Level Child Care Training (ELCCT) Online ** 20 Clock Hours - Formal Training $20.00

Entry Level Child Care Training Online meets the child care center licensing requirement for the entry level training for the first 90 days of employment in Oklahoma. You may print your certificate after completing the class. You may want to print multiple copies to give to your employer and keep for your own records. This training is not required when previously received, unless the individual has not been employed at a licensed program within the last five years. You do not have to retake it if you move to another child care center or family child care home.

NOTE: ELCCT cannot be used to meet level or renewal criteria for the Oklahoma Director's Credential (ODC). It will only count one time to meet Professional Development Ladder (PDL) requirements.

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Family Child Care Home Entry Level Training (FHELT) Online ** 20 Clock Hours - Formal Training $20.00

FHELT is an introduction to family child care training. This course provides new and or future family childcare home providers with the knowledge needed to provide quality care for young children while helping each individual child develop to his or her full potential. The course contains information and learning activities that stress the importance of the caregiver and of child care work.

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Director's Entry Level Training (DELT) Online ** 20 Clock Hours - Formal Training $20.00

This course will introduce you to the responsibilities of child-care directors. It will also assist you in becoming an efficient and effective leader. Topics include communication, technology, budgeting, and legal issues. You will complete several different assessments throughout the course. The assessments are designed to help you evaluate your own learning.  DELT is approved formal training that when added with other training can be used to meet the Business/Administration section of the Oklahoma Director's Credential at the Bronze Level. This course will not meet ECE hours.

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**NOW AVAILABLE: Out-of-School Time Entry Level Training (OSTELT) Online ** 20 Clock Hours - Formal Training $20.00

This course is an entry level instruction to working with children in out-of-school time settings like after school programs or summer camps. Generally children in this setting are three years old and older and are currently enrolled in or have completed pre-kindergarten.  Participants will learn about effective communication and positive interactions with the children in their care as well as how to plan and develop appropriate activities and learning environments. 

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Preventing Obesity & Promoting Wellness ** 14 hours, 1.4 CEUs - Formal Training $45.00 

This 14-hour formal online training captures insights from over 80 experts in pediatrics, nutrition, movement, child development, and adult education.  Early childhood programs can lead the way in educating young children and parents on the importance of diet and exercise.

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LITERACY IN ACTION ** 4 hours, 0.4 CEUs - Formal Training - $25.00 for each course

Shared Reading

Learn how to expand shared reading throughout preschool classroom discovery centers and actively participate in shared reading through big books, large group, and small group sessions. Participants will learn how to develop a well-planned shared reading activity and analyze its effectiveness.

Alphabet Knowledge

Participants will develop a greater understanding of alphabet knowledge within a broader framework of literacy activities. Examine four strategies that support children in learning the alphabet as well as how to integrate the alphabet into classroom discovery centers.

Learning to Read Through the Environment

Teachers will develop a greater understanding of the conventions of print and shared writing. Participants will discover the elements of a print-rich environment, and learn how to incorporate environmental print into classrooms by planning specific activities that make use of the print that children are exposed to daily.g 

Creating Literacy Rich Environments

A literacy-rich environment is an environment that emphasizes the importance of language and literacy (language, print awareness, alphabet knowledge, writing, and phonological awareness) in the learning of all students and is embedded throughout the entire classroom.  A literacy-rich environment is an environment in which appropriate materials have been selected in order to facilitate language and literacy opportunities for children.  

Developmental Writing

Teachers play a critical role in emergent writing. This class will explore the essential components of developmental writing as well as interactive strategies that promote positive experiences with writing. Participants will also learn ways to incorporate daily writing experiences throughout the preschool classroom.

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